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In an attempt to fill the void, ASPF activities are varied in an attempt to reach the different life corners of the prisoners and their families.

The different activities are featuring:

The Individual Assistance

This is legal and juridical assistance, as well as humanitairan, offered to the prisoners in dire need, and to the injustly judged ones, with a follow-up of their cases in an attempt to see the justice prevail.

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The Prisons

An exhaustive presentation of the 22 Lebanese prisons, distributed over the different regions, with information on each prison, and additional details on the prisons where ASPF intervenes ...

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The Social Activities

ASPF is helping the families of the prisoners, especially those who are living in dire conditions, by providing them with foodstuff, scholarships and medical assistance, as well as moral support and vocational training for women who need it .

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Prison Reform

Prison reform is a complicated and long procedure that was already started by the Lebanese government in the starting of passing the prisons authority from the Minister of Interior to the Ministry of Justice, but there is still a lot to be done in that field.

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