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ASPF @ the Outdoor Lebanon - 22-26 June 2011

The participation of ASPF at the Outdoor Lebanon exhibition  organized by IFP at Biel proved to be a real success. An important number of the exhibited hats and bags, fully hand-made by the prisoners of Baabda at the ASPF workshop in the Baabda women's prison, was sold, in support to these prisoners.

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" Coffee with an Ex-Prisoner"

Under the auspices of His Excellency Minister Ziad Baroud, a "Coffee with an ex-Prisoner" was organized at the Notre Dame University in Louaize, Issam Fares Hall. The Ambassador of Hungary Mr. László Váradi, the US Embassy representative Mr. Robert Gibson, the chief of the Gendarmerie at the ISF General Salah Gebran, as well as the leader of the central prisons Colonel Fouad Khoury, and many social personalities.

The event was presented by Miss Tanya Nasr, and included a word by Mr. Majed Bou Hadir, from the Community Service Office of the NDU, a brief introduction of the ASPF, a word by Mrs . Liliane Tomb, the Secretary General of ASPF, followed by a talk with 4 ex-prisoners who were victim of the injustice of the prenal system in Lebanon. 

Then the program "Adopt a prisoner case" was introduced , its aim being to facilitate the release of the prisoners whose sentence has ended or whose arrest was deemed unnecessary but who need to pay a certain amount of money or bail before being released.

The event was followed by a presentation of an example of the cases needing adoption, where several participants expressed their suypport by adopting one or more cases.

The launch of the hat collection made exclusively by the prisoners at the ASPF workshop in the Baabda prison for women was met with success, as several persons were charmed by the novelty of the idea and the beautiful models which sale benefits exclusively the prisoners.

De nombreux cas d'injustice, selon l'ASPF.pdf De nombreux cas d'injustice, selon l'ASPF.pdf
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