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ASPF visit to Mrs. Randa Berri

On September 20, 2011, a delegation from ASPF headed by William Issa visited Mrs. Randa Berri, wife of the Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, to convey a message from the women imprisoned at the Baabda Central Prison for Women regarding their humanitarian and living problems.

Mrs. Berri expressed her understanding and sympathy upon listening to the women's complaints and promised to forward their worries and requests to President Berri, especially regarding the general pardon and the counting of the prison year as 9 months.

The ASPF delegation also proposed to Mrs. Berri to organize a visit to the Baabda Central Prison for Women in the near future

ASPF in Hamra

ASPF will be participating in the Hamra Street Festival -  Maraya 2011, on Wednesday 30th August and Thursday 1st September 2011, from 11.00 a.m. until midnight.

ASPF stand is after the Starbucks and before Malak Al Taouk.

See you there ! 

 ASPF at the Old Souk Nights of Zouk

The  participation of ASPF in the "Old Souk Nights"of Zouk Mekayel was fruitful, and many of the Bamboo Project hats as well as other accessories made by the prisoners of Baabda were sold. This 11-days long event stretched from the 18th till the 28th August 2011, nightly from 19.00 until midnight.



ASPF will be present at the

Festival du Bonheur

Ain Saade

10 - 15 August 2011

from 18.00 till 23.00


We are waiting for your visit ! 

 ASPF Sobhiye at the Jdeideh Mar Antonios Garden - August 2, 2011, from 10.00 till 13.00

ASPF has organized a Sobhiyeh in Jdeideh to explain its activities and introduce the programs run by the Association, i.e. the Adopt a prisoner case program, and the Bamboo Project. The sobhiyeh included the live-telling of an ex-prisoner experience of the system injustice. It was followed by a cocktail reception.

ASPF will be present at Outdoor Lebanon - stand E6, where it will promote the Bamboo Project - the high-quality hand-made hats and assorted bags made by the women of the Baabda prison.

ASPF staff will be present at Biel from 22 to 26 June 2011 from 4.00 till 10.00 pm.

Buy one or more items and encourage this women empowerment project, as all the benefits will go directly to these under-privileged prisoners.

Come and bring your friends, All are welcome !

 Launching of the "Adopt a prisoner case" program at the NDU - Louaize

Under the auspices of His Excellency Minister Ziad Baroud, and in presence of Hungarian Ambassador, General Salah Gebran, Colonel Fouad Khoury and other diplomats and officials, ASPF has shared a coffee with a prisoner while launching the new program of the Association, that will enable to adopt a prisoner case, through the payment of the bail, in order to enable the prisoner whose term has ended to leave the prison and join his family.

See al the photos here

Opening of the ASPF workshop in Baabda

ASPF is proud to announce the opening of the industrial sewing workshop at the Baabda prison for women.

The workshop, which was funded by the Italian Development Cooperation office, was used to perform two types of training:

- the industrial sewing training

- the crochet training

Both sessions are finished and as of today, the prisoners can take up orders from manufactures and perform the sewing, within the income-generating project  implemented by ASPF.

International Women Day at the Baabda Prison for women

ASPF has organized a special theater event at the Baabda prison for women, with the cooperation of the actor Joe Kodeih.

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Bamboo Project

 ASPF is proud to announce the launch of Bamboo Project. After having finished the training sessions in crochet at the Baabda prison for women, the prisoners are ready to start manually producing the summer hats that will become the fashion of the season.

Bamboo Project is the name of the exclusive collection made by the prisoners, which will be sold during the events organized by ASPF, and which can also be ordered online, though our website.                      

Check here the collection


ASPF in the Baabda Prison for Women

ASPF has started the training sessions in sewing (industrial) and  italian crochet in the newly established workshop at the Baabda prison for women, with the cooperation of the Italian Embassy in Beirut.

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31 January 2011, a date to remember !

Joseph Habib, one of the Hot cases of ASPF, is finally OUT OF PRISON   after 19 and a half years during which he was unfairly imprisoned...


Volunteer !

ASPF needs volunteers for all types of work:

- translators

- social workers

- office staff

- and more ...

If you have a few hours per week, we

 are waiting for you !

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There are 22 prisons in Lebanonm distributed in the different regions, and only one central prison for men, the famous Roumieh prison...

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Hot Cases

ASPF is currently dealing with several cases of injustly judged prisoners, actively workin on their dossiers to put an end to injustice.

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