"Adopt a prisoner case" program 

ASPF has launched its new program of "Adopt a prisoner case" on May 26th, 2011, during the event "Coffee with an ex-prisoner" that was held at the NDU under the auspices of Minister Ziad Baroud.

The program puts the light on one of the main issues of the prisons in Lebanon, being the over-detention. Persons being under arrest, or person whose sentence has ended, meet the same problem, which is the payment of the bail or the penalty decided by the judge. For lack of funds, people stay behind bars for months, waiting for some good samaritan to bail them out or waiting for their family to find and even borrow the money to arrange their release.

The "Adopt a prisoner case" program proposed a panel of cases, with some details, and aims to reduce the overcrowding of the prisoners.

You can check the cases here and you can donate to ASPF the bail fully or partially, and follow up online the case of the prisoner you support. 


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