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The "Association de Secours aux Prisonniers et leurs Familles", ASPF, is a non-profit association which main target is to Help the Prisoners and their Families. It was founded by Decree No. 1206/2009, with the aim of providing a juridical, humanitarian, medical and educational assistance to the prisoners, as well as their families.

Founded by William Issa, activist in this field since 2005, ASPF has started with an intensive activity. With permission to access all the prisons in Lebanon, ASPF has been constituting a full database about the prisoners, men and women, regarding their personal, financial, juridical and health statuses. That database represents an important tool for detecting the different types of problems.

Unfortunately, problems related to prisons are innumerable, to name some:

  • Ill treatment and torture during arrest, interrogation and detention
  • Long arrest period, as pre-trial detention, up to several years
  • Inhuman conditions of arrest and incarceration
  • Over-populated prisons
  • Over-detention of Lebanese prisoners after the end of their sentence period
  • Over-detention of foreign prisoners after the end of their sentence, until their deportation by the General Security
  • Lack of any rehabilitation activity during the imprisonment in most of the small prisons
  • and many other problems...



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